Robert Johnson’s novel, The Momentum of Folly,  has been re-issued in January 2014 by his new publisher, Permanent Press, under the title, The Culling. You may read a review on GoodReads.Com:

The Culling

The Culling by Robert Johnson
This is Sheila‘s review, Dec 12, 2013 5 of 5 stars

Carl Sims is a young virologist with dreams of studying something a little more exciting than ’flu. If you’re anything like me, you probably have no idea how ’flu vaccines are created, why they work or fail, or how the ingredients are gathered. You’ve probably never traveled to the huts of indigenous peoples in hidden jungles either. But in Robert Johnson’s novel you can experience both from the comfort of an armchair. Not that this novel will allow you to remain comfortable; it covers many singularly uncomfortable topics, from global warming to overcrowding to humanism, hopelessness and more.

Better than Michael Crichton, blending science and fiction more completely, more plausibly, and thereby, more frighteningly, this novel is enjoyable, exciting, satisfying, thought-provoking, and a thoroughly enthralling read.