Emanuele Cacciatore, ARTIST

Cacciatore Archimedean-Boast

Archimedean Boast, 2010
Oil and Alkyd on canvas
30″ x 40″


Ephemeral Like Abandon, 2009
Acrylic on wood gesso panel
18″ x 24″

I met Manny circa 1987, when he showed at the Pamela Auchincloss Gallery (now reconfigured and in New York City), in Santa Barbara, where I worked. He had recently done a monotype project at the Garner Tullis Workshop also in Santa Barbara in 1986, and my good friend painter Michael Dvortcsak said Manny was someone to meet. Manny had just received his M.F.A. in painting at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was hot.

A studio visit told me a lot: he lived in a two-room set up, right downtown, looking over the noisy main State Street. One room was big enough only for a single bed, a shelf or two, and microwave, or maybe it was a hot plate. The other tiny room, the same size, was where he painted. The bathroom was down the hall, and I don’t believe any one else lived in there on the second floor.

Eventually that very wing of the building became an art conservation lab and also a well-funded gallery, the Erika Carter gallery called Studio 3 East, renovated to extraordinary plush that included a grand piano. That gallery is now defunct, and missed here in the art-gallery deficient town of Santa Barbara. There is now a Starbucks on the first floor, just below. For me, the legacy of that space is that those rooms were once home to artist Emanuele Cacciatore, when he was young, and ready to go.

Looking at his current work, he is most definitely there.


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