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Randall Wyn Fullmer

Wyn Guitars

Wyn Guitars

When I was a kid in Washington State, Randy Fullmer was another kid down the block. Our fathers worked together at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and our families would get together for BBQs. How I looked forward to going over to the Fullmers! Instead of being a stuffy scientist like everyone else, Mr. Fullmer would do fun things—like play bongo drums and wear those crazy oversize sunglasses popular in that Beatnik era. Pretty radical for this government-owned town, where the high school team calls itself The Bombers, and birth certificates, like my own, were sequestered as classified information in Washington D.C.


Richland High School Logo

Richland High can boast of some talented graduates—jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, among them. Then there is Randy Fullmer. Turns out Randy has the creative juice. After graduating from Cal Arts, he went on to an animation career—creating segments for Sesame Street and working on projects such as the movie Ghostbusters. In 1987, he was hired by Disney Animation Studios and stayed there for 18 years, participating in films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The little Mermaid. He was visual effects supervisor on Beauty and the Beast, artistic coordinator on The Lion King, and producer on Chicken Little.

In 2006, Randy returned to this roots: his love of music, and established Wyn Guitars in Woodland Hills, California. Randy is the sole luthier for these hand-made electric bass guitars crafted from hardwood. His website will tell you more, including that he free-hand cuts the neck of his guitars!  If you go to his Facebook page (search “Randall Fullmer”) you will see him create a guitar, step-by-step.

Over the years, our parents stayed in touch, but the kids did not. I doubt Randy would remember me; I was younger than he and at that age, my communication skills were … well, call me baby. What a surprise when I was recently web-surfing and came across an upcoming documentary on Randy and his guitars, made by director Michael Enns. It is scheduled to be released in July 2014. You can view the trailer here: Restrung



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