Film / Music


Sound City Studios, 2013

152 minutes

Produced and Directed by: Dave Grohl
Production Company: Therapy Content Diamond Docs


Sound City Studios is a documentary film produced and directed by Dave Grohl  (formerly of the bands SCREAM and NIRVANA, and currently with FOO FIGHTERS). While the style of music recorded in this Van Nuys, California, studio may not be your cup of tea, this film is worthy if you like learning about music recording history, and how the industry has endured (or not) the transition from analog to digital.

Dave Grohl follows the Sound City Studios history from its heyday in 1969 through when it closed in 2011. Included is a fun segment with Paul McCartney, just being one of the guys, and an interview with Rick Springfield, who I never thought much of or about, but after seeing this, well, Rick’s an okay guy and can definitely play the guitar. And you gotta love Dave Grohl in his directorial debut.




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